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Forest Defense v1.1 Apk Game

By admin | Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Build your army to defend the forest against mechanical invaders!

Deep in the woods, a secret battle is about to begin between nature and the dark forces out to destroy it. For eons, the old tree-spirit Hamadryad has sustained this quiet and peaceful forest. Now, an ancient evil is stirring – the Automata, a mindless race of mechanical beings that have lain dormant for ages, are awake and are out to attack the forest.
But there is hope. The Hamadryad can oppose the Automata using the power of Sun and Water to conjure up its own forces. Leading this army is the Devout, a hero whose name and identity are lost in time.
Facing impossible odds, you must fight alongside the Devout to defend the forest against the evil Automata. With quick thinking and good judgment, draw power from the Hamadryad to summon and build an army of defenders. The enemy is merciless and unrelenting, so summon wisely, because each strike can lead you closer to victory… or defeat.

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