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Tangya v1.0.1 Apk Game

By admin | Thursday, June 14, 2012

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: TangYa-Speed Road is the top view racing game which is working with Accelerometer.

 ★ Standard Mode
 You need to make a goal within limited time, after choosing game land you want.
 You will get the more golds when you got a nice record in the harder levels.

 ★ Marathon Mode
 This is the game play mode challenging your new game records. and you can stop your marathon mode not until your character hit one of obstacles on game stages.
 This mode offer you more golds you can get and random game landscape on each of race cycles.

 ★ Game Tips
 - By using green circle, you can find out where TangYa is.
 - If you feel uncomfortable on steering way, you can change steering way on option menu.
 - If you feel the angle of rotation on curves is too small, then please operate Fast Tilt option on option menu.
 - For Improving your game records, please keep studying your own short cut to a goal.
 - Sometimes game stages offer you short cut to get a easy goal. Please keep your eye on there!
 - You can buy game items from the shop being updated soon with golds you got.

 ★ The Features Of TangYa Speed Road
 ☆ Simple game control with Accelerometer.
 ☆ Puzzle game elements with various type of obstacles
 ☆ Offering new type of obstacles on each of game levels
 ☆ Various cute animal friends to take TangYa to goals
 ☆ The more game items being updated make the more joyful game play
 ☆ Please have a simple competition with your friends!
 ☆ The Marathon Mode offer random courses.
 ★ test device
 ☆ Samsung
 - Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1
 ☆ HTC
 - Desire HD
 ☆ LG
 - Optimus Black

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