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X Fleet v0.58 Apk Game

By admin | Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: X Fleet is a fast-paced space shooter / rpg that doesn’t compromise.

 Punch your way through the solar system and get to the bottom of the enigmatic blockade threatening the worlds of man.
 Your have your back as you tackle your mission, but you’ll need all your skill to survive - and your interplanetary space ship with its vast array of advanced weaponry.
 X Fleet is a fast-paced space shooter / rpg that doesn’t compromise. It brings you high-end graphics for your Android phone or tablet (Nexus One-level or better), and it’s deeper than your average puzzle game.
 Hope you’re feeling ninja-fast today.
 X Fleet will have you:
 - Blow hundreds of hostile ships out of the sky
 - Snap up loads of weapons and special ship modules
 - Explore 10+ worlds
 - Face off against massive capital ships and motherships
 - Work with - and against - various people you’ll meet on your journey
 - Explore a vast narrative spanning the entire Solar System
 - Rocking out to a full soundtrack including an original track
 You can either whimper at the feet of our would-be oppressors, or lead the charge against them.
 X Fleet is inspired by the works of Iain M. Banks, and by the classic PC game Tyrian with a smidgen of Radiant.

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